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Your Northern Indiana Roof Replacement Contractor


building permit

We will take care of everything for your roof replacement project from start to finish. One of the first things we do after you select us as your roof replacement contractor is to apply for, pay for, and pick up the necessary building permits for your project. Building permits will be secured and displayed prominently for local building inspectors to see easily from the street. This is just one of the ways that your local building department knows you have a quality company working on your home. This is all included in our price for your roof replacement.



We take it very seriously.

Your home's exterior and landscaping will be protected. Our team of professional roofing specialists will use tarps, plywood, saw horses, scaffolding, and anything else required to protect your home's exterior and landscaping from falling roof debris. We will build structures around your home's exterior and over your landscaping if necessary to protect it. Each day, time and care will be taken to make sure your property is protected, cleaned, and preserved to as much as possible "original" condition, that's our promise to you.


roof removal

Our professional roof replacement crew will carefully remove all of the current roofing materials completely from the roof structures of your home down to the roof deck surface.

Welcome to the future of debris management!

Our goal is to prevent any damage to your home and landscaping during the removal of your old roof by not letting the debris hit your house or the ground. We accomplish this by using our state of the art self-propelled debris trailer, the RB4000 Equipter "Roofers Buggy". Our team of hard working professional roofing specialist take the roofing debris directly from your home's roof and put it into our specially designed "Roofers Buggy" self-propelled debris management container and transport it directly into our custom built dump trailer so you get a "new roof with no mess".

roof removal


roof deck

We will thoroughly inspect the roof deck sheeting. We inspect for and refasten loose or missing roof sheeting nails, inspect for and replace damaged or rotten roof sheeting and roof structure framing. We will replace any roof sheeting that our professional installers deem necessary with new to match existing roof sheeting at a rate of $48.00 per 4' x 8' sheet or $4.00 per linear foot if you have 1x6 plank decking. Digital before and after pictures will be taken of any extra work for your records. A final inspection is performed to ensure a proper surface to apply your new roofing system.


Ice & Water Shield

Ice & Water Shield

We will install self-adhering polymer modified bitumen sheet (ice and water shield) from the eaves edge to a point at least 24 inches inside the exterior wall line of the building per local building code R905.2.7.1 and product manufacturer specifications. We will install 3 feet (1 roll) of ice and water shield in all valleys. We will also install ice and water shield along all roof to wall transitions, around all roof penetrations including but not limited to: roof vents, plumbing vent pipes, furnace & hot water heater exhaust vent pipes, electrical service weather head pipes, skylights, and chimneys.


We will install one layer of 15 # roofing felt underlayment over all of the remaining exposed roof sheeting.


Ice & Water Shield Code

International Residential Code for One and Two Family Dwellings
Section R905.2.7 Requirements For Roof Coverings / R905.2.7, R905.2.7.1 Ice Barrier.

In areas where there has been a history of ice forming along the eaves causing a backup of water as designated in table R301.2 (1), an ice barrier that consists of at least two layers of underlayment cemented together or of a self-adhering polymer modified bitumen sheet, shall be used in lieu of normal underlayment and extend from the lowest edges of all roof surfaces to a point at least 24 inches (610 mm) inside the exterior wall line of the building.

Exception: Detached accessory structures that contain no conditioned floor area.

METAL EDGING by Quality Edge


New Quality Edge 24 gauge (.019) aluminum roof gutter apron will be installed on all eaves (bottom edges) of the roof where gutters exist. New Quality Edge T-style 24 gauge (.019) aluminum roof drip edge with TruFIT Technology will be installed on all gable ends and at all eaves where gutters do not exist. Your new roof gutter apron color and new roof drip edge color will be matched to the existing color(s) unless specified otherwise. Your new Quality Edge roof gutter apron and roof drip edge will have a factory baked on Valspar Q800 Tuff Tech paint finish with a limited Lifetime Transferrable Manufacturer Warranty . (See the Quality Edge brochure in your Proposal folder)

Drip Edge

drip edge

Specially annealed with super performance and durability, our T-style drip edge is extremely effective at guiding water away from the roof. Drip edge is installed along the gable ends of the roof.

Gutter Apron

gutter apron

A specialized drip edge designed to direct water into the gutter system. Gutter Apron is installed over the roof edge and hangs in the gutter.


Every member of our hardworking professional roof replacement crew is certified to install our roofing products per manufacturer specifications. We do not use subcontractor crews to install your new roof. We only use our own highly skilled and dedicated employees. This ensures that you get a job "DONE RIGHT" every time. That's the Tri-County Roofing way!


We will install one of our UL Certified- National Name Brand - Professional Grade - Architectural Style - Asphalt Shingles with a Lifetime Limited Manufacture Warranty. Manufacturers brand and color to be selected by customer. All shingles will be installed per manufacturer specifications.

Starter Shingles

We will install a UL Certified - National Name Brand - Professional Grade - Starter Shingle at all perimeter edges of roofs. This covers all eaves and gables. The starter shingles will be installed with 1-inch of overhang from all fascia, which is the specified requirement per manufacture specifications.

Hip & Ridge

Hip & Ridge Cap shingles of the same manufacturer, color, and style will be installed to cover and protect all hips and ridges.


All valleys will be installed according to standard manufacturer specifications unless an upgraded exposed metal valley option is chosen. If chosen the exposed metal valleys will be installed over the new ice and water shield underlayment in all valleys, then the side edges of the new metal valleys will be covered with 18-inch strips of ice and water shield to a point 2' from the center of each side of the metal valleys (the exposed portion).

Manufacturer Choices:
  • IKO Cambridge Shingles
  • CertainTeed Landmark Shingles
  • Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration Shingles


More air in your attic, as part of a balanced attic ventilation system, can help prevent common problems associated with poor ventilation, including:

  • Mold and mildew growth
  • High home energy bills
  • Shingle damage and voiding of warranty from excess heat
  • Lower insulation effectiveness
  • Rot and structural damage
  • Unsafe air quality in the home
  • Ice buildup and water damage

Millions of people in the U.S. suffer from allergies caused by mold often associated with poorly ventilated homes. One of the ways to start improving your home's indoor air quality, while protecting the integrity of your home's building materials, is to use continuous roof ventilation with continuous soffit that has a greater NFA rating than the ridge vent.


Proper ventilation is essential!

Roof Vent Patches

If we are installing ridge vent or power exhaust vents, the existing roof vents will be removed and the remaining holes will be patched with roof sheeting to match the existing roof sheeting.

Ridge Ventilation

We will cut approximately 3/4-inch of roof sheeting from the top edge of both sides of the roof at all ridges specified for ridge vent, and then we will install Quality Edge TruAir Series 4 continuous ridge vent over the new openings to provide an efficient ventilation system.

The design of TruAir Series 4's inward baffles creates an even, uninterrupted flow of air which lifts air from your attic using the principles of aerodynamic engineering to properly ventilate your home.

Pipe Boot Flashings

We will install new aluminum Neva-Calks pipe boot flashings at all plumbing vent pipes. When we install the new pipe boot flashings we will install self-adhering ice and water shield roofing underlayment over the top edge of the pipe boot flashing before installing the shingles above the pipe boot flashing to ensure water will not be able to back up above the pipe and cause a leak. The professional grade pipe boots we use have an aluminum base with an EPDM rubber collar and will be painted to match the new roofing shingles.


Finishing Touches

All roof penetrations (pipes) and flashings will be painted to match the new shingle color. This will also help protect any metal surfaces from rusting.


All job debris will be cleaned up daily. After cleaning up what they can see, our dedicated crew runs a magnet over your yard, sidewalk, driveway, etc., to pick up any nails that may have gone astray. All job debris is hauled away when the job is done.

If you are looking for a Valparaiso Roofing and Remodeling contractor, then give us a call today at 219-548-0897 or complete our request an estimate