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Roof Shingles: Proper Maintenance Saves A Lot Of Headache

Doug put a new roof on his colonial last spring. He wanted to update the look of his home and increase its resale value. He chose the color and style that matched his taste.

Doug knew that roof shingles serve a purpose other than to compliment a building's architecture. They, more importantly, control the majority of the roof water by means of shedding water down their overlapping courses and into a gutter, or off the edge of a roof overhang.

However, Doug did not know how to properly care for and maintain his roof. He allowed water to sit in corners, leaves to back-up his gutters and he put a heavy satellite dish at a harsh angle right outside his bedroom window.

Soon, his roof began leaking and the shingles started rotting off. Not to mention he had slimy water dripping down the front of his house from the overflowing gutters. So next spring, Doug has to have his roofing company come back to make some major repairs.

It's easy to forget about a roof until you have a problem. Don't make the same mistake as Doug and pay for a roof that looks nice but cannot withstand the conditions that it will be exposed to.

Under extreme weather conditions the right kind of shingles at the right angle can uphold the integrity of your roof. The steeper the slant of the roofline, the better it will handle extreme weather conditions.

Here Are My Top 3 Tips to Maintain Your Roof and Keep Repair Money in Your Pocket

1. Conduct Periodic Maintenance of the Roof System

Every year, you should clean out all drain pipes, gutters, valleys and downspouts. Areas where leaves accumulate should be areas of special concern because decomposing material can rot your shingles over time.

Buildups cause drainage problems which lead to mold and leaks. Also, inspect all visible pieces of metal flashing as these can become dented and misshapen over time from falling acorns and sticks.

As roofs age, particular attention should be paid to the condition of curled and cupped shingles. An occasional "tune-up" by a licensed and qualified roofing contractor can extend the life of the roof significantly.

2. Avoid Installing Products or Fastening Items Through or to the Roof

Shingles are attached to the timber roof frame by large roofing nails but they are not always strong enough to hold up satellite dishes and other electronic receivers. If you do attach something to the roof, make sure it's located on as close to a flat surface as you can manage as this will prevent pulling on the shingles.

3. Keep the Roof Well Ventilated

A ridge vent installed in the center peak of the roof is one way to accomplish this. Some problems that can be a direct result of a failure to do so are mineral loss on the shingle surface, heat loss, moisture buildup and mold spore growth.

Do not permit excessive access to the roof. When access is required adequate protection should be provided to the roof surface to prevent loss of mineral granules. Also, retain a qualified roofing professional to perform any addition or repair involving asphalt shingle roofs, hand-tabbing newly installed shingles, if necessary, to achieve proper seal to the underlying courses.

Following these simple steps will keep your roof looking newer longer and prevent the headache that improper maintenance brings.

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