Roofing Insulation And What You May Not Know

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When you hear people talking of roofing insulation, you’re going to hear about the importance of the R-value. Generally, people understand that the higher the R-value, the better the insulation is. But it is little understood that to obtain the right insulating value for your roofing areas, there are other things that also need to be factored in.

– The climate in your area
– The size of your home
– Your fuel use patterns and Family size
– How much extra insulation is needed

These factors are considerations because if you purchase too much insulation, you’re spending more than you would save on fuel or energy to heat and cool the home.

As trained and experienced installers of top quality blown in insulation, we understand how all these considerations factor in to how much insulation you will need for your specific circumstances. Not everyone will need the same amount of insulation, and different areas of the home may need different amounts as well.

To get the proper marked R-value, it’s vital to install the insulation properly, and that means getting the right thickness, installed density (Lbs Per Cu. Ft.), and minimum weight in pounds per square foot has to be all properly calculated.

All these factors determine the R-value obtained. If calculated improperly, the R-value is not achieved no matter what the value on the bag of insulation says. The figure you see is a figure you are shooting for achieving with all these considerations taken into account.

So you see, It’s not just a matter of how much square footage you’re covering, how thick the insulation is, or how dense it is. All of that data has to be merged correctly with the other factors listed above to achieve the minimum R-value on the package.

There are other areas of your roofing where you may be lacking insulation and that is the wall cavities at the edge of your roofing. This insulation is different as the insulation comes in bag sizes, different thicknesses, densities, and weights.

The installation needs to be sufficient with the required number of bags and at least the minimum thickness or the resulting R-value will be lower. Settling of the bags of roofing insulation is negligible and doesn’t factor in.

Knowing how much and how to properly apply your roofing insulation is important. One can’t just buy a roll of insulation, install it over existing insulation, and expect to have the right insulation for their roofing and wall cavities. And that’s why it needs to be installed professionally by trained and licensed roofing professionals.

At Tri-County Roofing & Gutters, our roofing insulation installers will give you the best in roofing insulation installed for your home. We use high quality Owens Corning™ AttiCat™ insulation that is better for our environment. It’s the most energy efficient blown in fiberglass insulation for your home. Give us a call anytime you have roofing questions or need one of our roofing services and we’ll be glad to help you out!

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