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There are many reasons you could have problems with your roof without realizing there’s an issue that could be destroying your roofing materials. Stains on the roof are one indication of problems that could lead to roof degredation. Stains are commonly black or green but can also appear tinted red, yellow, or other colors.

Whether the roof is stained in appearance or you can actually see organic matter growing on it, such as moss, these substances are likely causing problems with the roof structure, whether from the outside in or the inside out.

Hidden in your wall cavities and attic space are dark places that can be the perfect incubator for organic fungi and more. When fungus, algae, moss, or lichens are growing on your home’s building materials, especially the roof surfaces, you’ll wind up with more than a cosmetic issue. These fast growing substances can thrive on many kinds of roofing materials.

Mold is a fungus and can be growing anywhere on your roof structure, both on top and anywhere it can find to take hold. This is true for algae and mildew as well.

These organic pests prefer darkness to thrive, which means they look for spaces like inside walls, ceilings, and other areas that are difficult to get at. This is why a professional should inspect your roof structure.

Moss is another parasitic organic substance that causes roof problems. It will grow where there are areas of shade which are exposed to damp conditions.

The presence of shaded, moist air and some cool weather conditions will allow moss or lichens to thrive. With more sun exposure, you can help get rid of it. But the longer the organic matter grows, the more likely you’ll need to replace the affected shingles and possibly the underlying materials of your roofing structure.

Algae on the surface of the roof can look like a thin green coating or a black stain. Black and green algae are both damaging to the roof and need to be removed. People use the term black fungus or mildew, but the substance is actually and algae.

Black stains on the roof are generally either algae or are resultant from a cosmetic defect of underlying building materials called, “extractive bleeding” where the materials break down and leak out in a staining pattern. The bleeding appears more like a stain running down the roof from certain small spots, and algae appears more uniform and cover a wider area that doesn’t seem like it comes from any particular point.

Algae-resistant shingles, metal flashings, sunshine, and special products can rid your roof top of these type of organic roof problems. If the roof structure is the reason for the staining, the materials causing the problem have to be replaced, so it’s important that you find out what the cause of your roof problems really are. There’s a huge difference in cost between removing your fungi or moss problem and replacing your roof.

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