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Flat Roof Pros & ConsWhen it comes to picking the best roof for your Valparaiso home, you have two major choices: a pitched roof and a flat roof. While pitched roofs may be the standard, you can’t deny that flat roofs come with their own draws as well.

Of course, you also can’t deny that flat roofs also come with their own drawBACKS. And knowing what those draws and drawbacks are is key to deciding whether a flat roof is right for your Valparaiso home.

If you don’t know what those qualities are, just peek on ahead. Our quick guide will tell you the major pros and cons of flat roofs, and who knows: Maybe this list will help you make a definite decision when it comes to picking a new roof for your Valparaiso home.

Flat Roof Pros

* They will allow you to fully utilize the space in your Valparaiso home
* They are fairly affordable to install and work on
* They will accommodate rooftop HVAC units, providing more space-saving in your Valparaiso home

Flat Roof Cons

* Their lifespan is significantly shorter than other roofing types (about only 10 years)
* They do not provide the aesthetic benefits that other roofing options can
* They are inefficient when it comes to water runoff, a feature which can lead to leaks and other water-based damages

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