Signs That Your Roofing Insulation Needs to Be Replaced

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Signs That Your Roofing Insulation Needs to Be ReplacedYour roofing insulation does a lot to keep your Valparaiso home comfortable while also providing some other great benefits — such as reduced energy bills and protection for your roof. Because your roofing insulation is so vital to maintaining so many necessary qualities, you’ll want to be sure to maintain well-functioning insulation.

To be sure your insulation always works its best and provides you the kind of work you need it to, you’ll want to be sure to replace worn-out insulation as soon as it becomes worn. And to know when it’s necessary to do that, just be sure to look for the following signs of worn roofing insulation so that you can get your roofing contractor on the issue ASAP:

Formation of Ice Dams on Roof

Wintertime is the time of the year when your home’s insulation really gets put to the dest, meaning your insulation has many opportunities to show you whether or not it’s working correctly. And perhaps the most obvious sign that your roof isn’t working its best occurs when you notice the development of ice dams and icicles on your roof.

These dams and icicles can develop en masse when your roof’s insulation wears down significantly. So, while you might feel a sense of winter wonderment when you start seeing icicles and other such frigid developments on your roof, it’s much more important that you see them for what they represent: worn-out insulation that needs to be addressed.

Uneven Temperature Regulation

You might be none-too-bothered about the formation of ice dams and the like on your roof — not bothered enough to actually act on that sign. But surely you’ll be moved to do something about your home’s insulation if your home can’t seem to get as warm or as cool as you need it to be. But with worn-out insulation, this headache is exactly what you might find yourself dealing with.

As your insulation wears away, it will be less and less able to regulate the temperature in your home. And when this happens, your home will never be quite as comfortable as you need — while also hiking up your energy bills. If you find yourself dealing with these issues, then it’s about time to check out your roofing’s insulation.

Light Filtering in Through Attic Roof

So, you’ve noticed the presence of ice dams and icicles on your roof, and your home is just a bit too uncomfortable for your taste. You’re about ninety percent sure that it’s about time to get that roofing insulation replaced. But maybe you need one more sign — one more thing to convince you that it’s worth the expense.

If that’s the case, just climb into your attic during a nice, sunny day, and look up. Do you notice any light filtering in where it shouldn’t be? If so, then there’s your last sign: Your insulation is worn and needs to be replaced. And once you know for sure you need this work done, call your Valparaiso roofers at Tri-County Roofing & Gutters for our roofing insulation service.

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